The World of Rock and Roll

Hello there, my name is Sparsh Aiyar, and I’m excited to welcome you to the wonderful world of this music column! Here we talk about anything music, whether it be the best Anime OPs ranked from 10 or discussions of the most influential classical music pieces out there! So sit back, relax, and take a ride through one of the most popular music genres in the world, Rock and Roll.

Rock and Roll has taken the 20th century by storm, producing tunes listened to by millions. Now what exactly defines Rock? Why is it important? What makes rock…well…rock? Well you see, rock is not defined by the melody! I repeat, it is not about the melody! It is more about the rhythm. Rock music is characterized by a 4/4 time with heavy beats on beat 2 and beat 4. If it’s in 4/4 and you can clap along to it, then it’s Rock! This style has been used since the early 50’s and yes, it is a very broad genre. Then, of course, there are the sub genres.

The sub genres of Rock are extremely diverse. So diverse in fact, that they all have to share the name Rock to help people keep track of them. There’s Punk Rock, Indie Rock, Pop Rock, Progressive Rock, Metal, Alternative Rock, and many more! Each of these genres incorporate very different sounds. Like Indie Rock. Indie Rock is edgy, in a weird, creepy, way. Punk Rock is just hardcore and overall angry, with a heavy, rough, sound and just loud music in general. The genre is all about being different than the mainstream. Metal is like Punk, but less angry and with not as much emphasis on being different. Alternative Rock came from Punk and it shares the same “reject mainstream media” idea but is a little less hardcore. Progressive Rock is an old 1960’s version of Rock with classical influences, like the heavy use of keyboards and long intros. 

The world of Rock is a diverse place, a world full of history, ancient influences, and a huge family tree. Rock has grown and become extremely popular worldwide, influencing many people with different backgrounds. It’s just one of those genres that everyone knows about and that you’ve probably heard. In the end, Rock, and music in general, is something that can reach you, no matter where you are.

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