Fun Summer Activities

Summer is here and school is almost out!! In order to celebrate this last week of school, I asked The City Voice about their favorite summertime activities. Take a look!

Annabel Paetschow

I love camping with my family! It is really refreshing to spend a couple of days outside, enjoying nature. A really awesome place to camp is Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. They have some really neat historical sites and some awesome hikes!

Isabelle Abbott

Swimming in a pool, lake, or ocean is my fun summer activity. During that time I can take my mind off the past and enjoy the present. After finishing up with swimming, I feel relaxed and calm.

Keira Mei Harrell

Because summer is such a great time to be outside, I appreciate reading in the shade as well as taking my dog out for early-morning walks. I also enjoy longboarding and biking with friends with the promise of ice cream at the end.

Krishna Mano

You can never go wrong with the beach! Whether you want to go to your local beach, a family cottage, or an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, there is something for everyone to do like paddleboarding, swimming, and even relaxing on the sand with cold coffee in one hand and a good book in the other. No matter what you do, make sure to celebrate the end of the school year with an enjoyable summer!

Romy McKellar

In the summer I love being in the water for things like kayaking, canoeing, and tubing. I love going to Milennium Park for that, but if you want to travel a bit I recommend kayaking down the Chicago river. You get to go through downtown and its really fun.

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