Mr. Huppert Leaving City To Pursue Doctorate In Harvard

Principal Ryan Huppert was accepted into the Doctor of Education Leadership Program over at Harvard University! Sadly, this program is a full three year residential program, meaning that he will have to leave his post as Principal of City High Middle School and attend the program. We are very happy for Mr. Huppert and wish him all the best in his journey! Now as Mr. Huppert steps out, the school will be bringing in a new principal, and we, as city students, can help with the criteria for selecting a good candidate for our school. Just click this survey here and make sure to complete it before Friday, June 10, so that your voice can be heard for the selection process. The feedback is very important so please make sure you fill it up! Thank you so much Mr. Huppert, for all you’ve done for our wonderful, and good luck!

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