Graduation Officially Moved to Houseman

As you all know, Calvin college was supposed to be the venue that City was going to hold the graduation ceremony. However, I have received some very important information regarding a change in venue. Thanks to the petition organized by City senior Madeline Uren regarding Calvin’s anti-LGBTQ history, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Gorman stated at Wednesday’s PTSA meeting that all GRPS schools will graduate from Houseman Field, not Calvin.

This is amazing news, considering that all of this was started with just a petition. This is proof that change is possible, all we need to do is speak out on it. “I hope this accommodation serves our City and greater GRPS communities better, by offering a more neutral venue within our district,” says PTSA President Mrs. Angela Schmidt. “I hope the student advocacy council that worked with the district felt their concerns were listened to and valued by GRPS leadership.”

I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in getting this change through to the GRPS board, it truly could not have been done without their hard work. I’d like to thank Madeline Uren, for bringing this issue up and taking action against it, and Mrs. Angela Schmidt and the PTSA for helping to present this serious problem to the GRPS board. What they’ve accomplished wouldn’t have been possible without the support of everyone, so thank you all for sticking with us till the end.

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