End of the Year Reflections

As the year comes a close, we can’t help but look back on the things that we did, events that transpired, and even funny little moments in life that pop up whenever. Here at the city voice, we did some reflecting, so here’s what we’re decided to share with you all!

Faith Thompson

This year was long, tiring, and full of hard work; but it was worth it! I’m glad to have been able to be here and work through this year’s obstacles and I’m grateful for the people who stood by me along the way. Cheers to a wonderful year!

Krishna Mano

No doubt, this year has had its ups and downs like going to Michigan’s Adventure with the rest of the 8th grade (quite definitely an up) and having a majority of our homework online (just a couple of feet above rock bottom). But, no matter where you are on the journey through City, I often remind myself that finding the little rays of sunshine in a sea of darkness is the hardest task but once achieved, it proves to be the most pivotal moment in ones’ life.


This year, I learned so much about myself, including my organization skills or lack thereof, strengths, and weaknesses. This year has been a roller coaster and that is ok. I guess in a way the City Voice gave me a sense of responsibility that helped me learn all these things about myself, so I encourage everyone to join next year. Good luck on exams, you can probably do it!

Luke Fann

Coming from a virtual and/or hybrid school year, I’m sure we all felt it was strange to come into a huge building with so many people. However, I had a great time meeting old friends and new ones and enjoyed my classes, teachers, and classmates. Happy summer, everybody!

Chloe Diehm

Looking back at the beginning of the year, I am a completely different person. I think I’ve grown, and being at City, has cultured me a great amount.

Writers at The City Voice

Either many writers contributed to the creation of this piece or the author wishes to remain anonymous.

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