How are 7th Grade students feeling about the workload at City?

City High Middle is known for having a lot of homework which can be a challenge for new students who have not experienced such a heavy workload at their previous schools. We interviewed a handful of 7th graders about their views on the homework workload at City. Here are some things they have to say about the issue”

Most students are saying they don’t like it. Some say it’s annoying, they think that we should have a little less. Students with extra curriculars and after school activities find time managing hard. 7th graders think it takes a lot of time and effort out of their day, and wish it was more evenly spaced out. Now we all know teachers can’t all meet up and address who is giving what amounts of homework that day, but students wish for a little less.

Charlotte Moxon: “It’s really annoying, especially since I have sports all week.”

Sully Monson: “It sucks, we have too much homework.”

Sophia LeRoy: “Some classes have a lot more than others.”

Emmanuel Lewis: “I think it’s annoying, because it takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s pretty easy.”

Khamarie Sifik: “They give us too much a day.”

Other students don’t mind the workload. They think it’s doable, but even some of the students who don’t mind it think that teachers should think about students’ other classes, and should give us a little less.

Maddy Z. : “It’s a good amount, but I think teachers should be more mindful, they need to know that we have other classes that give us homework too.”

Danica Sadowski: “It’s fine, I really don’t mind it.”

Max Stefanski: “It’s not bad, but I would like more homework free weekends.”

Kaialyn Thorson: “There isn’t that much, it’s doable.”

We also asked some 7th grade teachers if they think they give their students too much homework. Most said no, and think they give an appropriate amount, but even some teachers think they give too much.

Mr. Rizley: “No.”

Sra. Byrnes: “I feel I give an accurate amount, I try and give my students enough time to do it in class, so it doesn’t feel like I’m giving you homework. I try to give them just for practice.”

Mr. Ezekiel: “No, I think I give an appropriate amount.”

Mr. Korienek: “Obviously not, I think students get overwhelmed with the homework all together, so combined, yes.”

Mr. Vantil: “No, I don’t like giving out homework, I feel they have enough already. They give the practice in class.”

Mr. Fillenworth: “Yes.”

Mr. Beckwith: “No.”

We all know that teachers cannot just keep giving out homework all together, but students still wish that they did not have to spend as many hours a day working on assignments outside of school time.

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