The City Voice’s Favorite Winter Activities

As the semester comes to an end, we all get our 2 weeks off for winter break. Let’s see what the staff here at The City Voice will be doing during that time!

Annabel Paetschow<br>
Annabel Paetschow

My favorite winter activity is playing hockey with my cousins because it is super fun, and it’s the only sport I’m even relatively good at.

Carson Downer<br>
Carson Downer

Ice hockey because it is fun to play especially on the pond.

Chloe Diehm<br>
Chloe Diehm

My favorite winter activity is making a cup of hot chocolate, some popcorn (with m&m’s, of course), and watching a classic Christmas movie with my family.

Keira Mei Harrell<br>
Keira Mei Harrell

My favorite thing to do during the winter is take my dog for a walk, especially when it’s snowing. Walking while big snowflakes fall down is very peaceful.

Isabelle Abbott<br>
Isabelle Abbott

My favorite winter activity is skiing, this is because I had grown up going to mountains used to ski on. While it depends on the ski mountains, I would love to ski all around the world at the best ski resorts.

Krishna Mano<br>
Krishna Mano

While I do enjoy skiing and having snowball fights, I must say that there is nothing better to do on a winter day than snuggling up on a couch with a book and piping hot cocoa.

Niyla Long<br>
Niyla Long

My favorite winter activity is putting my Christmas tree up. This is my favorite activity because I do it every year with my family and its always so fun seeing how beautiful we can make it look.

Romy McKellar<br>
Romy McKellar

My favorite winter activity is watching absolutely awful Christmas movies with my family.

Tanmayi Dakshnamoorthy

Since we all have free time during winter break, my favorite winter activity is spending time with family and friends!

Vishnu Mano<br>
Vishnu Mano

My favorite activity for the winter (especially during break) is sleeping.

Sparsh Aiyar<br>
Sparsh Aiyar

My favorite winter activity has to be blasting emo Christmas music and pretending I’m in an MTV music video.

Writers at The City Voice

Either many writers contributed to the creation of this piece or the author wishes to remain anonymous.

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