What Can We Do To Beat Climate Change and Pollution?

We at the City Voice are excited to announce that, even though the Earth Week edition is over, the environmental column will continue with regular articles. Ecology, and economicology, is a big part of academic life at City High Middle and we are excited to continue to cover these topics. – The Scrivener

Despite the pandemic crisis we are currently facing, we are still in the battle against the climate crisis. There have been significant changes in the weather, for example, the amount of winter snow here in Michigan has been decreasing over time. However, there is a way that we can help or at least make an impact.

One thing you can do to help is to ride the bus whenever you can. Cars emit 6 tons of CO2 a year! Imagine how much carbon dioxide is emitted from cars in a single day!

Do you have recycle bins in your home? Use them! Instead of trash going into landfills, a lot of what you throw away can be made into something new! Try using reusable water bottles, repurposing milk jugs, and maybe even making trash into jewelry!

In the winter chilly temperatures can tempt you to turn the heat up to maybe 70 or even 80 degrees. But actually the energy that fuels the heat is fossil fuel or a non-renewable fuel. We can’t make or grow more once we run out. But ways you could help is to turn the heat down and cover-up! Put on your sweaters and warm clothing!

Some ways we are already helping is in the school cafeteria. We have trash cans that say compost, trash, and recycle. This helps keep trash out of landfills.

Many City High Middle and CFE students ride the bus instead of driving to school. This is one step closer to keeping CO2 out of the air.

We can fight climate change if we all work hard enough and do what needs to be done. We need to speak up about it because this is an important topic that people need to pay more attention to. 

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