The Inside Explanation of CHMS Part 1

This article is the first of a new series of “Inner Views.” In this series, two interviews will be published each week. The Inner Views are about City and are taken from two City students and four teachers. The Inner Views give an inside look into how students really feel about City and its inner workings.

7th Grade

Charlotte Beresford

Q. What’s the hardest and easiest thing at City for you?

A. The hardest thing about City is studying for all the exams at one time. The easiest is getting from class to class.

Q. What is the worst and best part of City to you?

A. The worst part of City, in my opinion, is the big building and the best part is how the teachers care about their students and their grades. 

Q. Is the homework load fair?

A. The homework load is good.

Q. What’s the worst and best class for you?

A. The worst class is Science and the best class is Algebra.

Q. Do you have any recommendations for new students at City?

A. Make sure you understand everything in all your classes and ask questions.

Q. What’s a good and bad thing about City to you?

A.  A good thing about City is teachers are easy to talk to and a bad thing is that it’ll be hard work.

Brendan Myers

Q. What is the hardest and easiest thing about City to you?

A. The hardest thing about City is time management and the easiest thing about City is homework.

Q. What is the best and worst part of City to you?

A. The best thing is friends, the worst thing is classes.

Q. Was City a tough adjustment from your previous school?

A. City is absolutely not a tough adjustment from his previous school. 

Q. What is your favorite class?

A. My favorite class is History or PE. 

Q. Any advice for new people at City?

A. Everyone is smart but not everyone’s organized, I advise staying organized.

Stay Tuned for More Inner Views Each Week!

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3 years ago

This is awesome! Can’t wait to hear from other grades too!