Featured Club: Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is a club that meets every Tuesday at both lunches: lunch A in Mrs. Alexander’s room and lunch B in Mr. Schreur’s room. This club is a place for City students of all ages to come and use their creative writing skills! The only material needed for this club is a pencil. The club is run by both Jonah Meyer (Lunch A) and Talia Bronk (Lunch B). The Creative Writing Club is always open to new members, no matter what grade they are in. There is no sign-up needed, all you have to do is show up! This club is a great place to enhance writing skills, learn some tips and tricks, and have fun! In addition, it is also very low commitment and looks great on college applications. 

I joined this club myself and I love it! I have found it to be a warm, calming space where members can enjoy talking about writing, participating in writing contests, learning new things, and writing answers to prompts. I also appreciate how meetings are at lunch because I know it will not conflict with my schedule like clubs that meet after school.  

I am an author of many stories in progress, so this club is extremely useful in giving me time, ideas, and experience to work on my projects. Although I really enjoy being at the club, sometimes I forget about meetings. so I would recommend putting meeting times in your planner.

For people thinking about joining, or those who are just interested, my advice is to give it a chance! If you are a person who writes for fun, you should try to attend a meeting to see what it is like. If you do not end up liking it, you will not get any hard feelings for leaving. 

Come try out the Creative Writing Club, you will not regret it!

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