TV Shows That You Should Watch Over The Summer

Well guys, school’s almost over. We’re almost at the end. Now during the summer, us students have to keep busy, which essentially means binge TV shows in the dark for hours at a time. So here are some TV shows that us at The City Voice recommend!

Chloe Diehm

I have been binging All American lately, and I have become addicted. It’s about a football player in high school with lots of drama, but it’s also deep and tackles problems like police brutality and racism.

All American age rating: age 13+

Vishnu Mano

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is a great TV program to watch over the summer. It is filled with comedy and keeps its audience updated with current events.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah age rating: age 14+


One TV show I’d like to watch/rewatch over the summer is iCarly. While the show is intended for tweens, I still find it to be just as great now as I did at age 7.

iCarly age rating: age 8+

Nick Hankins

One show I really want to watch over the summer is Stranger Things season 4 premiering on Netflix on May 27th. I absolutely love the characters and how the series constantly has me on the edge of my seat. The second series I will be watching over the summer is the Obi-Wan series premiering on Disney Plus on May 27th. As a Star Wars lover, I cannot wait for this new addition to the franchise and am looking forward to watching it.

Obi-Wan age rating: age 9+

Stranger Things age rating: age 14+

Sparsh Aiyar

One show that I plan on watching is Community, which is one of the funniest shows I’ve seen! I love rewatching it as well, it never gets old for me. It’s about a group of people who all find themselves in community college at the same time, and make friends with each other. Each episode tells us about each character and follows their misadventures. Quick warning though, it kinda falls off after season 4, so I don’t blame you if you quit after that.

Community age rating: age 14+

Lena Reeves

I will always be one for Schitt’s Creek. I’ve said it before and I will say it a million more times it’s funny, has a beautifully written story arch for each character, and is also a great show to throw on in the background or with a group.

Schitt’s Creek age rating: age 14+

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