What Is The City Voice’s Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

Chloe Diehm

My favorite thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes.

Nick Hankins

Mashed Potatoes

Keira Mei Harrel

The dinner rolls 🙂

Lia Lin

Hawaiian salad! Also- slightly stale stuffing (only Ms. Alexander’s 5th hour English will understand the last one)

Niyla Long

My favorite thanksgiving food is sweet potato pie

Krishna Mano

You can never go wrong with stuffing! Turkey and ham are great, but for those of you who enjoy the sides like me, stuffing and gravy are enough to put you in paradise.

Vishnu Mano

My favorite thanksgiving food is the turkey and mashed potatoes – a really simple combination that tastes exceptional!

Stephen Pellathy

Pecan pie!

Evie Shi

Mashed potatoes and green bean casserole 🙂

Anna Wetzel


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