H is for Hazel Scott

Hazel Scott was a Pianist known for her ability to switch the moods of her music. She was especially good at jazz. 

Hazel Scott was born on June 11, 1920, in Trinidad, Spain. She started playing piano when she was three years old and had a natural talent for playing by ear. After moving to the U.S, she learned the Saxophone and joined Lin Hardin Armstrong’s orchestra. In high school, she even had her own radio show. Hazel was also a strong advocate for civil rights. She refused to play the piano for segregated audiences. When Hazel was in her twenties she became an actress and landed major roles.

Hollywood wanted her to star in their shows so bad that some of the white directors even agreed to give the Black actors on set the same salaries as their white co-workers when she demanded it. After a while, jazz fell out of style and Rhythm and Blues became popular. She played in coffee shops to make money until October 1981 where she passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. Hazel Scott made it more possible for women to make music and do what they love.

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