Book of the Week: The Cruel Prince

This week I bring you The Cruel Prince by Holly Black for your next quarantine read! It is a story about three sisters who were taken to the land of the Fae and the challenges that they face there. The novel focuses on overcoming prejudices and challenges that are faced by some characters in the book. This book also has a very interesting cast of characters: a main heroine with many qualities that I would consider to be antagonist qualities ( She power hungry and prone to violence to name a few.) , a prince who is more than he seems, and the fact that everyone seems to have something to hide or an ulterior motive. Nothing in this book is quite as straightforward as it seems which keeps readers guessing right until the end. I have heard that this book also connects with some of the other books Holly Black has written, however I have not read any of them. Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to fans of YA fantasy. Cruel Prince and the other books in the series can be found wherever books are found electronically and is also available as a good audiobook.

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