Cinder Review

Cinderella is a classic story that everyone has heard. Authors and producers have been retelling this story for decades, but Marissa Meyer gives an old tale new life in her book Cinder. The whole world is trying to cope with the effects of a deadly virus and the looming threat of war with the lunar people. Cinder is a young mechanic living in the eastern commonwealth (present day Asia) with a secret, she’s a cyborg. Cyborgs are seen as lesser in this society and are often discriminated against. Cinder’s life changes the day she meets Prince Kai, who comes to her booth to fix a broken android.

Cinder is such a fun mix of fairytale retelling and sci-fi! First off, there is a fun and compelling main story line to keep the readers engaged but as the story progresses into the later books the plot gets more complicated with subplots tying together to make one large story. There is a great cast of diverse characters that support the plot. Each of the characters have their own unique backstory that gets revealed in a way that does not interrupt the story.  I also enjoy that even though each book is a retelling of a fairytale, it is not a romance series. The story and well developed characters are what makes this book the amazing book it is. 

I would recommend Cinder and the rest of The Lunar Chronicles (Scarlet, Cress and Winter) by Marissa Meyer to anyone who enjoys sci-fi and fantasy. Each book also has a fantastic audiobook to go with it as well.

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