These Anti-Procrastination AI Glasses Promise to Save You 5-6 Hours Each Day

Students are having to spend much more time online and doing school work by themselves. While being able to make many decisions independently, when it comes to school work, this also comes with the drawback of procrastination. We have all been there, one thing after another pops up or you get distracted and whatever you need to get done is forgotten about. At the beginning of September, Auctify released Specs. A pair of glasses that can monitor what you are looking at and remind you when to get back on task.

The glasses have a camera built into the frames which identifies what you are looking at. Laptops, books, phones, and people are all things the glasses easily identify. The data it collects is sent to an app on your phone where it shows up as a colorful pie chart. Using the pie chart you can get a breakdown of how you spend your day. From there you can set times that you want to be focused and it will track how much of that time you were distracted. The glasses can also be programmed to send you audio and/or visual cues when your focus wavers for too long. The app can be programmed to select different things as productive activities, like if you are reading a book for class or just for fun. At the launch the glasses could identify 20 different activities, from reading and writing to working out at the gym. More features will be  added in the future.

Specs’ main goal or purpose is to increase productivity and is targeted towards students, but it does have a few other functions that everyone could enjoy. Specs have a built in blood oximeter, accelerometer, and gyroscope so they can be used as a workout tracking device. There are also plans to set in a mindfulness function to the glasses. It will promote doing activities like working out and be able to lead people through guided breathing and meditations, and prescription lenses can be added if desired. 

Auctify says that Specs will not be used to send information to places around the internet and that once the data from the videos is collected, the videos themselves are discarded and the information encrypted in the app. They are still being perfected and it is not sure if they will function as Auctify has claimed they will, but it is possible that they will be the next popular piece of technology.


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