Sadie Review

“I always forget that fear is a conquerable thing but I learn it over and over again and that, I guess is better than never learning it” 

Sadie by Courtney Summers is the story of Sadie, a runaway looking for revenge, and West McCray, the podcaster trying to find her. Sadie has never had it easy but when her little sister is found dead, her entire world shatters. She is determined to bring her sister’s killer to justice but when the police fail to find them she sets off on her own. She sets out following a small trail of clues and leaving her own trail as she goes. West McCray is a radio host working on a piece when he first hears of Sadie’s story. He becomes determined to find the girl and starts a podcast documenting his progress as he tracks Sadie. Can he find Sadie before it’s too late? 

Sadie is a book that will pull readers in right from the start! The book switches between Sadie’s perspective and the podcast made by McCray, a unique and dynamic style of storytelling. The different perspectives play nicely off each other; giving information away about the story and the background of the characters in a way that pushes the plot forward while giving depth to the characters involved. The plot will keep readers hooked and torn between Sadie’s goal and West’s goal of finding her first. The characters are engaging and leave you wanting to know all of the details hidden within. Summers has created something familiar yet different and it will leave you wondering what will happen next!  I would recommend this book for fans of mystery and true crime. There is also a fantastic audiobook to go along with it.

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