WandaVision Premier Review

Last Friday, the long awaited WandaVison premiered on Disney plus! WandaVison takes place after Endgame and follows the story of Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) and Vision in the style of classic sitcoms. Wanda and Vision are living an idyllic suburban lifestyle but after a series of strange occurrences they begin to suspect that everything is not quite as it seems. 

WandaVison is a very fun mix of nostalgia for classic television and the modern storytelling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The surface plot is told through the style of sitcoms, showing the life our main characters are living. The show plans on following TV history by adopting the styles of different genres of tv that have been popular over time. The deeper story is told in the same style as other Marvel content. While the plot may seem simple on the surface, if you dig a little deeper you will find a story that is missing pieces. Things do not quite add up and the show does a good job of displaying its big mystery without giving out too many hints as to what is really going on. 

I would recommend this show to any and all Marvel fans as well as people who enjoy a good mystery. WandaVision has laid the foundation for something unique to the MCU and promises to deliver a very fun story. As the first show in the MCU, it has many expectations to meet but I think fans will be pleasantly surprised by it. Two episodes of WandaVision are currently available, with a new episode coming out every Friday until March 5.

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