Book Review of the Scorpio Races

Written by Maya Oeverman

In this crazy time we are living through, sometimes it is nice to get lost in a good book! For your next reading adventure I would highly recommend The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stievater. It is a story centralized around The Scorpio Races in which competitors attempt to tame and race the deadly Capaill uisce (Water horses) for the grand prize, money! Both of the main characters, Puck and Sean, have their own reasons for wanting to win but can they figure out a way to both get what they want? It is a story filled with heartwarming moments, a pro feminism main character, action and of course, cool, deadly water horses. What is not to like? The main story takes a little bit to get into starting out but your patience will be rewarded by the end of the story! You can find The Scorpio Races on most digital book platforms. It is free to read on Overdrive if you have a GRPL library card.

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