JK Rowling is Publishing a New Online Book Called The Ickabog

JK Rowling, most known for writing the Harry Potter series, is back with a new book! It is called The Ickabog and is about truth and the abuse of power. For those of you who are wondering, the new book does not have anything to do with Harry Potter or take place in the same universe. She did, however, start writing the book in between writing the Harry Potter series and planned to publish it after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She instead decided to take a break from publishing children’s books for a while and the first drafts of her new writings were hidden away and only taken out when Rowling read them to her own children. 

During the pandemic she decided to dust the drafts off and begin publishing chapters of it for free online for children during lockdown! Now she posts a couple of chapters at a time (she is up to chapter five) on her website Ickbog.com and will continue to do so until July 10. Although it is meant for seven to nine year olds, I still find it enjoyable to read. The novel will be released in print around the world in November. 
JK Rowling has also announced that she is starting an illustration competition for kids between seven and twelve years old. Kids can submit their art that goes along with the chapters and potentially get their art in print! Currently it is only operating in the UK and the US, but more countries are going to be added soon. Each country Ickabog is released in will have its own version of the illustrations done by kids from that country. All the royalties from The Ickabog will be going to help groups heavily affected by COVID-19.


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