A Darker Shade of Magic Review

This week I bring you A Darker Shade Of Magic by Victoria Schwab. In Schwab’s universe, there are four Londons: Red London, White London, Grey London, and Black London. Each is very different and each is divided from the others by magic. Grey London is the only one without magic of it’s own. In the past anyone could travel to the other London’s if they found a gate but after the fall of Black London, the gates were closed. Leaving each London on it’s own except for a few skilled magicians who could travel between worlds.  Kell is one of the last remaining people who can travel between the Londons.  He works to carry messages between the leaders of each London and works as an illegal smuggler on the side. One day his side smuggling brings him more trouble than he’s looking for. Kell runs into Lila Bard, a thief from Grey London, and with her help Kell may be able to fix what his smuggling habits brought him. 

A Darker Shade Of Magic took me by surprise! I went into it having no expectations and I really enjoyed the story. It’s fun and nothing like I have ever read before! The characters are so amazing! Each of them are unique and interesting in their own way. Schwab does a really good job of using her characters to propel the plot forward. Each of their backstories help build a colorful and engaging plot for readers to dive into! Every once and a while I found the writing to be a little confusing but overall I would definitely recommend this book and it’s two sequels (A Gathering of Shadows and A Conjuring of Light) to everyone. You can find all three books wherever books are available.

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