First Shadow and Bone Trailer Revealed

Shadow and Bone (book) is rated appropriate for children 12-18 years of age by Amazon

Shadow and Bone is a widely beloved fantasy trilogy at the heart of the GrishaVerse. Early last year Netflix announced that they would be partnering with Leigh Bardugo (the author of the books) to turn Shadow and Bone as well as some of her other series into TV shows! This Thursday, February 25, the teaser trailer was finally released!  This is the first official look at the show and it looks very promising. 

Shadow and Bone follows the story of Alina Starkov, a mapmaker in the army. Alina and her regiment are ordered to cross the Shadow Fold, a lethal place filled with monsters and unnatural dark magic. To save the regiment, she unleashes an ancient power she never knew she had. In the aftermath, she is sent to the palace to train with other people like her: magical soldiers called Grisha. There she meets The Darkling, the leader of the Grisha, who believes Alina’s power can destroy the Shadow Fold and reunite their divided country. In the books the plot could get very slow at certain points. It was an issue more pronounced in the later books. I also found the pacing to be awkward. The plot of the upcoming TV show follows the same lines as the book and might actually improve on some of the slow parts and pacing issues. I enjoyed the characters; however, in the books, the characters tended to fall flat. As the story progressed, most of the characters, save for Nikolai and the darkling, remain stagnant. From the few looks the teaser gives us, the casting is pretty spot on. The actors that were chosen look very close to how I imagined the characters they play. The actors that were chosen are a good mix of somewhat well-known and experienced actors and relatively new actors. I commend the accuracy and authenticity in casting, rather than simply hiring a bunch of the big actors just to increase viewers. I have no doubt that all the actors will deliver a solid performance. 

The strongest part of this series was the world-building. Bardugo does a fantastic job of building a strong world filled with diversity, as well as a magic system that is both complex and understandable. In the Shadow and Bone series you get an in-depth look at the culture of Ravka and how it interacts with its neighbors. Some countries have a great relationship, while others are on the cusp of war. This paints a very realistic picture. I think this is something the show is trying to stick close to as well. Visually speaking, the show is stunning! From what I have seen so far, the creators have been staying true to the original world-building and overall vibe of the books. The Shadow Fold in particular looks incredible. Whether you read the books, watch the show, or both, this is one story you will not want to miss.

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