Meet the Quarantine Dalek

With the Coronavirus crisis reaching its height, people around the world are finding increasingly creative ways to convince their neighbors to stay inside. In England fans of the British show Doctor Who have found a particularly unique way to convey Coronavirus PSAs, a quarantine Dalek. As one of the primary villains of the sci-fi epic, the fictional Dalek empire occasionally invades the Earth in an attempt to “exterminate” humanity. Apparently members of the British police force thought that a life-size reference to the long running show would convince more inhabitants of one small English suburb to stay inside. The Tayside Police posted on Twitter announcing the new D.A.L.E.K. division, complete with cheesy puns. Click to play the video.

Apparently this Dalek is not quite as threatening as the fictional version, doing little more than roaming the streets of the UK fishing village it calls home shouting “All humans must self-isolate by order of the Daleks.” Nevertheless, Quarantine Dalek already has a huge internet following, including this fan account.

At a time when so much seems dark, the internet is seemingly desperate for something to find funny and entertaining. So if you are feeling stressed, Quarantine Dalek is here to remind everyone of the depth of human ingenuity, and humor, even in times of crisis.



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