Over the summer middle school counselor Mrs. Coulson worked with the student ambassadors to film and produce a fun video welcoming new and returning families to City. The project includes appearances from administrators, teachers, and students, including The City Voice news anchor Kumar Varma. You can watch the video today with a direct download from Mrs. Albin’s email or on The City Voice YouTube, where you will also be able to find other videos by Kumar.

That brings us to another exciting announcement: the creation of City Voice TV! 

In weekly video broadcasts, Kumar, our news anchor, will go beyond the headlines to share the latest news from his home studio. We know life is busy, so he will blaze through all the relevant facts in ten minutes or less while still finding some time for the fun stories.

This is a brave new medium for us so if you have any interest in filming, movie making, or script writing please send an email to film@thcityvoice.org to join this exciting new project. If not, then we hope you enjoy the videos over the coming weeks!


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