Chinese Moon Rover Spots Unidentified ‘Mystery Hut’

Almost exactly a year ago today, on December 3rd, 2020, I brought you the story of a steel monolith that mysteriously appeared in a remote Utah desert. When the object disappeared, we thought it had gone in peace, but now the Monolith Builders have struck again, on the dark side of the moon! Cue the dramatic music.

All jesting aside, this really happened. As reported by Our Space, a publication affiliated with the China National Space Administration, the Chinese Yutu 2 lunar rover was taking routine pictures of the skyline when technicians spotted that enigmatic object on the horizon.

At first glance, the thing isn’t all that exciting, it’s true, but look at it: it has right angles. Geology doesn’t make right angles, and it certainly doesn’t make freestanding cubes. So what is it? Our Space dubbed the object “the mystery hut,” although that may be a Google Translate error, and the term raises some interesting possibilities. Is the object inhabited? Is it the weirdly cubular landing craft of some incomprehensible alien species? Or was it designed as a message to humanity, like the 2001 obelisk? We simply do not know.

Our Space did say that scientists have spotted a “baby impact crater” immediately next to the object, so the most likely possibility is that the cube is just a particularly odd example of lunar rock being reshaped by a meteor strike. Or it’s a stray cargo container dropped by an alien ship that crashed there. Only time will tell.

Evidently the rover pilots are as curious as I am, because they’ve directed Yutu 2 to change course and approach the object to get a closer look. Unfortunately, lunar travel is a slow process, and the rover isn’t expected to arrive at the site for two or three months. Until then, have a great long weekend, good luck on your exams, and comment below if you have your own ideas on the origins of the mystery hut. Stay safe everyone.


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