Meet the New City Voice Editorial Board

Even with more than a month to go before the end of the school year, each year in mid-April The City Voice begins our new year as we welcome new members of the Editorial Board. Congratulations to Sparsh, Vishnu, Maya and Jonathan for their new positions on the board, and a huge thank you to graduating senior editor Megan Vaandrager for all her amazing work at The City Voice!

Congratulations to all the new members of the editorial board! It has truly been an honor to read and help improve many of the articles written by talented City students over the past two years. Being on the editorial board has enabled me to both help reporters improve each article and make it ready for publication, as well as sharpen my own writing skills in the process. It is amazing to see the progress our writers make throughout the year. Although I will miss being part of this amazing and supportive team, I am confident that they will go on to do more great reporting in the years to come. – Megan Vaandrager

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Maya Oeverman

I am a Junior at City and I normally write the weekly book reviews! If I’m not reading, you can usually find me at the barn riding and taking care of the horses.

Sparsh Aiyar

Hello, my name is Sparsh and I do the music column! I cover anything music related (usually early 2000’s punk and rock) and anime! I love writing and hopefully, you enjoy my products!

Jonathan Hoffman

Hi, my name is Jonathan Hoffman. I spend most of my time swimming and doing school, but I really enjoy writing articles about sports, science, or weather relating things. In the future I would love to become a meteorologist as I enjoy math and science.

Vishnu Mano

Hi! My name is Vishnu and I am an editor at The City Voice. I love playing the violin for the Grand Rapids Youth Symphony and being a part of the City High Debate Team.I also enjoy programming and reading during my free time. If you have any questions about my articles or want to contact me, feel free to email me at

Former Editor in Chief of The City Voice, finally graduated City High Middle School as part of the Class of 2022.

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