Google Updates Their Sharing System

We at the City Voice spend a lot of time writing and sharing Google Docs, so we know that something as seemingly minor as an overhaul to the sharing system can be a big deal. We are therefore excited to share that Google has overhauled the Google Docs sharing window, making it more intuitive and easier to use. The functions of the new sharing system are essentially the same, but items have been rearranged. The link sharing window, previously only accessible through an obscure side link in the top right corner of the main sharing menu, now appears in a stacked view on the same screen as person-to-person sharing. The look and feel of the sharing system has also been updated to have more of that sleek, round-cornered Google aesthetic that users have come to expect. So far these changes only appear in Google Docs, but if successful they will soon be migrated to Google Sheets as well. Overall the Google sharing system is better than ever; although, like all new technologies, it may take a little getting used to.

Demo from Google



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