Epic Reps News May 2021

The City Epic Reps met for the first time this year on Tuesday to reflect on the difficulties and successes of the 2020-21 school year, and the anticipated hurdles and benefits of next year. Reps were asked to work in breakout rooms (Zoom), or small groups (in-person) and share feedback with administrators. Here are some of the issues that came up most often:

General Requests

  • It would be helpful to keep office hours even after full in person returns
  • Continuing to have a Wellzone/Workzone Wednesday would be beneficial
  • Teachers, please continue to offer flexible deadlines and homework time
  • A slow ease in from virtual to in-person learning to help students catch up would be appreciated
  • Please make chmsib.com more user-friendly for students
  • Sophomores request that individual teachers please explain what is expected in their DP class at the beginning of the year
  • It would be helpful to get data about vaccination rates at City to make a decision that best fits our school

Year in Review

This year– Not enough information about the EE
– Not enough information about DP
– Office hours
– Wellzone/Workzone Wednesday
– Fewer tests, greater focus on learning and projects
Next year– Switching to full in person learning
– The possibility of a heavier workload
– Losing work time on Wednesdays
– Possibility of overcrowded school environment
– Adjusting to the new Schoology software
– Some sophomores feel underprepared for the DP program
– Confusion about masks
– More opportunities for collaboration
– Having regular hot lunch again
– Opportunities to study with friends
– Hands on projects
– More vaccinations for students and teachers
– Excited for a 5 day school week
– Excited for events like spirit week and prom

A big thank you to Krishna for taking such fastidious notes, and letting me borrow them to write this after I realized that I had completely forgotten to take screenshots of the Zoom chat. Of course, as an Epic rep, I will also be working with my Epic class on these issues, but no matter your grade if you have something you think the Epic reps should discuss please comment below and I’ll make sure to bring it up at the next meeting.


Former Editor in Chief of The City Voice, finally graduated City High Middle School as part of the Class of 2022.

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