The Expanse Final Season Trailer Revealed

As my favorite show on TV, The Expanse undoubtedly gets an unusually high amount of coverage here at The City Voice, but it’s an excellent show and deserving of more praise so I make no apologies. To recap the past six years for fans and newcomers alike, let’s do an FAQ.

What is this show?

A deeply personal but thrillingly epic sci-fi saga which has been called “Game of Thrones in space,” The Expanse couples breathtaking visual spectacle with peerless writing and world-building ingenuity. The show was cancelled on SyFy after three seasons, but was bought by Amazon and resurrected on Prime Video for another three seasons after a fan petition to save it actually worked, an incredible rarity in the sci-fi world.

What’s it about?

It’s about humanity in extremis, and what people are capable of when confronted with the unknown. It’s about love and war, oppression and injustice, hope and loss, aliens and secrets lost to time, and sometimes even the dream of a better future.

What’s happened so far?

See my book review, show review, and comic-con coverage.

Is this that one show the fans love so much that they sent a toy ship to space?


What can fans look forward to?

While this upcoming sixth season will, sadly, be The Expanse’s last, it may also be one of the best. The genius of the show has always been the time it spends crafting its diverse cast of incredible characters, all with their own stories, desires, and personalities, and even the villains have been disturbingly easy to root for. This season will bring conflicts built on five seasons of cold war to an explosive head, and with narrators on all three sides it will be far from easy to watch. As a fan of the books that the show is based on, I can also say that the sixth book, Babylon’s Ashes, offers the opportunity for an incredible final episode that this trailer does tease, if briefly, and it looks as thrilling as promised. From its expertly written space opera drama to its epic scale, The Expanse will be going out on a high note.

The Expanse returns to Amazon Prime Video on December 10th.


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