Donate to the City PTSA To Support Teachers and Students

The challenges that students and teachers everywhere now face due to COVID-19 are daunting, but the City PTSA is committed to supporting everyone at City High Middle.

However, the crisis has had an impact on the PTSA as well. Due to the loss of regular fundraising events like the pie sale and the Recycled Art Market, the PTSA is asking everyone to donate to their organization via a Fall membership drive. This drive will run from September 21st to October 12th and the money will support teacher stipends, professional development fees, student initiatives, and scholarships.

Membership is more important this year than any other. We are unable to run two of our largest fundraisers of the year (Pie Sale and the Recycled Art Market) but still expect there will be needs to be met. This year our Membership Drive is nestled within a capital campaign. You will have the opportunity to choose your contribution level and get some cool swag! We’ve created new support levels named after the IB Learner Profiles. Your donation will include one adult membership and you can tack on additional memberships for family at the regular prices ($10 adult, $6 student). Help us by committing to a donation and invite family and friends to do the same.

PTSA Fundraising Promo

Due to the unprecedented nature of this current health crisis, the PTSA has designed a new direct donation fundraiser. Instead of selling an item and then putting a portion of the sales toward the fundraiser, and giving the rest going to a third party, this year the PTSA is simply asking students, parents, and teachers to give whatever amount they decide directly. The Michigan PTA receives $5.50 of each donation but the rest will fund all the many ways the PTSA supports both students and teachers.

While there will be swag offered to those who donate at the suggested levels, the only item being purchased is a year’s membership in the PTSA. The organization welcomes anyone who wants to attend meetings but only members are permitted to vote on proposals. Check out the PTSA’s explanation of what it means to be a member below:

Everyone is welcome to join our meetings and events, but only members can cast a vote on proposals, in committees or during Executive Board elections.  You are not locked in to attending meetings if you join / sign up, that’s always optional. Your membership fee ($10 per adult, $6 per student) helps pay our yearly administrative costs and membership dues to the state and national organizations we are associated with. Membership also gives you a voice in our community and a chance to see measurable results. According to, “research studies conducted over the past 30 years prove that kids do better when parents are involved. Grades are higher. Test scores improve. Attendance increases.” City is a National Blue Ribbon School and was ranked by U.S. News and World Report as 21st in the nation and number 1 in Michigan in 2020. Our students work very hard to accomplish that, let’s give them the support they need to flourish. You may notice that we include a “S” in our organization. That’s because we encourage students to join us. We cannot advocate for students without hearing their voices! Don’t just join for your child, join with your child. Membership begins once you have paid your dues and lasts through the current school year.

PTSA membership explanation

In addition to supporting the PTSA, you will also be able to cast a vote in PTSA decisions and in this day and age the right to vote is more important than ever. Remember that the S in PTSA stands for students, so any student who purchases a membership will have an equal vote in decisions. Your donation will not only go toward supporting students and teachers at City High Middle, it will secure your right to have a voice in how that money is spent in the year to come.

For more information on the fall membership drive, visit the official City PTSA website:


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