Epic vs. Apple: The Story Thus Far

Anti-Apple Monopoly Hearing Goes Surprisingly Badly for Epic Games

With six weeks of school having already flown by, everyone has gotten a bit more experience with Zoom classes than we might have wished for. By now you have probably been kicked out of a class when your WiFi failed, had your microphone stop working, and experienced the frustration of trying to convince someone of … Continue reading Anti-Apple Monopoly Hearing Goes Surprisingly Badly for Epic Games

A Victory for V-Bucks

Did you forget about the war between Apple & Epic Games? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But luckily for you, the City Voice is here to keep you up on every detail of this long and complicated story. If you forgot why Apple and Epic Games were arguing, here is a somewhat-brief summary: Epic Games … Continue reading A Victory for V-Bucks

EPIC Sues Apple in the EU Too

Back in July, the Epic Games corporation sued Apple and Google over their app store practices, a story we’ve covered a few times already. Now, however, after the complaint failed to fare well in early stages in US courts, Epic Games has announced that they have also formally filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in … Continue reading EPIC Sues Apple in the EU Too


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