The City Voice is Yours To Write

Art by a City student. To have your art published, email today!

Back when The City Voice started publishing in 2018, none of us would have guessed that in just two short years we would all be adapting to virtual school due to a global pandemic. Nevertheless, as an online school newspaper we have been ready for this for almost as long as we have existed!

While contributing to the newspaper, you can make new friends, collect valuable references for your college applications, discuss real issues, earn CAS hours and, most importantly, write as part of a real project that reaches beyond the walls of English class.

This is a crazy world we live in, and with everything that’s happened the news can often seem so remote. Never forget that The City Voice is a student newspaper. It belongs to the whole school community and it is yours to create. The news does not have to be something you watch from the sidelines. With just a few clicks you can create an account and take part in crafting the stories that matter.

Two Ways to Get Involved

Remote Writers

Remote writing is a way to have your work published in The City Voice without making a commitment to the newspaper. The online writer portal is hosted entirely at so that you can set your own pace and decide what you want to write about, working one on one with an editor directly from the site or the app.

Choosing the remote option, however, does not put you in touch with other writers, the publication team, or allow you to get involved in new projects like the app, City Voice TV, or illustration. This is simply because our site is global and opening up the team to everyone would overwhelm us with hundreds of bots!

City Voice Team

The City Voice team is for people passionate about writing and journalism, who want to make ongoing contributions to the newspaper. While we provide remote writing because this is not feasible for everyone, the City Voice team is the best way to connect and we encourage everyone to join.

To join The City Voice team just fill out the form below. This is to ensure that our team is made up of real students, not spam bots, and to hear about your interests. Everyone is welcome!


Former Editor in Chief of The City Voice, finally graduated City High Middle School as part of the Class of 2022.